Carbonate Hardground Geochemistry

Through high resolution analysis of carbonate cements, specifically those from carbonate hardgrounds, I hope to reconstruct the formational pore water chemistry. This is achieved through laser ablation ICP-MS and electron microprobe analysis.  My overarching goal is to reconstruct seawater chemistry throughout the Phanerozoic. 

Erhardt, A.M., Turchyn, A.V., Dickson, J.A.D., Sadekov, A.Y., Taylor, P.D., Wilson, M.A., Schrag, D.P., 2017. Carbonate hardgrounds suggest persistence of low Mg/Ca oceans over the Phanerozoic, in prep for Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Submittal November 2018.


Sulfur Geochemistry


Postdoc Dr. Vanessa Fitchner has set up a sulfur extraction line to isolate the various oxidation states of sulfur, including pyrite, water-soluble sulfur phases, elemental sulfur, and carbonate associated sulfur.

*Fichtner, V., Erhardt, A.M., 2018. Sulfur isotopes in pyrite, anhydrite, elemental sulfur and carbonate associated sulfate as recorders of diagenesis in the San Andres Formation, West Texas. American Geophysical Union. Oral Presentation