Dr. Andrea

Dr. Andrea Erhardt

Assistant Professor and Director of the Kentucky Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory

Utilizing stable isotopes and trace elements in carbonates to understand the evolution of ocean chemistry during periods of climatic change

For more information on the Kentucky Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory (KSIGL), check us out at isotopes.as.uky.edu


I utilize a range of tools, including marine barite, Pb isotopes, and elemental concentrations, to reconstruct paleoenvironmental conditions.

Carbonate Diagenesis

I focus on understanding the formational conditions for carbonate cements, dolomite growths, and alternation in karsted systems.                                                   

Calcium Isotopes in Speleothems


I use calcium isotopes in speleothems to reconstruct ancient precipitation.                                                        


Groundwater Methane Isotopes


I utilize methane isotopes to understand if groundwater methane is the result of biological or thermogenic processes.

Environmental Geochemistry


I collaborate on a range of projects to understand environmental geochemistry, including wetland nutrient dynamics, composition of freshwater mussel shells, stream restoration projects, and sources and transport paths of springs in the Grand Canyon.

Petroleum Geology


I combine paleoceanography and carbonate diagenesis to model and characterize fluid chemistry.