The Erhardt Isotope Geochemistry Lab is currently recruiting a Postdoc for projects in paleoceanography and carbonate diagenesis. 


Postdoc : This ~2 year project entails the application and modeling of pore water chemistry changes and relationships to authigenic carbonate formation.  We have flexibility in this work, so I'm interested in working together to find new directions to take this research. 

About UK and the Lab: The University of Kentucky Stable Isotope Lab is fully equipped with three IRMS (two Deltas and a MAT 253) and a full suite of peripherals including the EA, TC/EA, gas bench, and GCC. Lexington is a great place to live, with a thriving microbrewery scene, excellent bluegrass music, and premier rock climbing within an hour’s drive.  

Contact Dr. Andrea Erhardt for more information!

andrea.erhardt at uky dot edu